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Shriners are founded on fun and fellowship — We work to live out brotherly love, relief, and truth everyday.

We are a fraternity based on fun, fellowship, and the Masonic principles of brotherly love. We come from all walks of life, meet on the level and enjoy sharing things we have in common. We are Masons first, and became Shriners in the brotherhood in search of more internal growth by helping children in need of medical attention that they might not get otherwise, and share this growth with fellow brothers. We get great pleasure in performing our charitable part in every way we are able, and in doing so we have fun and build relationships that last an eternity. Every time a Shriner puts on a costume, dresses in funny clothes, rides in a tiny car, waves from a float in a parade or participates in any fashion that makes a person smile and happy for the moment, it makes us swell up inside with joy. The bottom line is “We Care”.


Shriner's Children through ALEE Shriners